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The Resurrection of The Phoenix

Coventry is known by many as the Phoenix city. Why? It dates back to 1043 and ever since, the city always managed to escape poverty and economic depression.  In the second world war, it was the most bombed city in England. Everything was destroyed but once again, it managed to raise from the ashes. Today the story is not different. With Birmingham just ten minutes away, Coventry faces again a huge threat. The economy is going down just because nobody shops here anymore. Will Coventry raise from the ashes once again? Indeed. Coventry City Council already announced the construction of a shopping center bigger than the Bullring in Birmingham and a brand new Hospital.

I am sorry about the history lecture! But, I wanted you to understand how Coventry history means so much to me. I know this might seem silly or childish but the truth is that this is the city where I resurrected too. It wasn’t that bad back in Portugal, but in some way I was dying, as time went by, and somehow I felt alive again. Here. Coventry is not the city it once was, imponent, huge and powerfull. What matters is that this was the town where I started to build my future.

Pictures (from top to bottom)

a squirrel in the park; Coventry Cathedral; random plaques; Coventry Transport Museum.