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Worcester (you read it Uõsta, don’t ask me why)

Hi guys!

Free trip with the university and therefore, you can’t expect much! I and Hugo managed to turn something awful into something quite pleasant! In the pictures, of course. Anyway, just a city like all the others you can find in United Kingdom. Although it didn’t worth the time to get there, getting out of Coventry is always a breath of fresh air! Feels nice to walk away for a few hours. And that’s what we did! Actually, we had 5 hours to visit the city but we spent 2 eating in an Oriental buffet for just 5£ 🙂 We refilled and refilled! Oh, and we refilled!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Pictures (top to bottom)

Worcester Cathedral; house falling appart; river & swans; Cathedral; the gang (G, Alle, Aleka, Hugo).