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Back to Kansas

Finally, at home.

Not much has been happening, besides saving the world from the Necris (p.j), but I did something interesting today. I took my pijama off (oh thank god), and I went to Sobralinho (can this get any worse?) to watch the fantastic play The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. The play was developed by Inestética, a theatre company from Vila Franca de Xira (I’m having an overdose of horrible portuguese names), where I live, or used to. Anyway, it’s 100% worth the money. It’s absolutely astonishing and every single adjective you can find to say good things about something. The actors, some of them from some bad and cheap soap operas, amazed me with their overwhelming performance. Too bad tomorrow is the last day of the play. I hope there’s much more to come from Inestética. Keep up the good work!

As for the rest of my holidays, who knows what might happen! You never know if there is some bad guy ready to fire a Rocket Launcher in your head!