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Welcome to Hell!

Hellfest 2007 – 01 – 07

Destination: Clisson (North of France).

24h on a bus to get to the biggest heavy metal festival in France. We had a longgggggggg way to go! Did I mentioned that I won’t be doing this again in the next 100 years? Ok, just to clear that up 🙂

But of iron our body is made, and we got there! We had Clisson to visit, and of course, three days of pure head banging! The mud, the loud music, the drunk guys, the camping, not having bath for 5 days made me feel quite literally in Hell (how ironic the festival name) but I can guarantee you that it was an experience of a lifetime!

Enjoy the pictures my friends. They talk for themselves!

Pictures (from top to bottom)

Hellfest entrance; mud; mud; Epica (Simone Simons); MUD!; After Forever (Floor Jansen); Clisson’s Castle