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Where men wear skirts

Yes, I do know that a kilt is not a skirt (I have two!) 😛

Anyway, this was a two day trip i wanted to do for a long time. I already know England and Ireland, Scotland was missing. So…H. and I decided to go there 2 months ago (God bless BMI baby) and off we went! First of all, blessed be the domestic flights. Get in the plane, get out of the plane and you’re there! There’s nothing simpler than that 🙂

We arrived at Edinburgh ,or Dùn Èideann in Scottish gaelic, at 8.30am and to be honest it didn’t seem much different from London, Paris or any other city in Europe. Are you guessing that I’m going to say that Edinburgh is much more than any other city in Europe (I haven’t seen them all though!)? If you are, than you’re right! Although the new town is boring boring Boring!, the old town is absolutely something you want to visit! The old cathedrals, the scotts wearing kilts and the sound of the bagpipe is something that is constantly at sight. However, what I did like most in Edinburgh was the perfect mix between buildings and countryside. If you think for a moment that you miss the green of the countryside the only thing you actually have to do is to look at the horizon. The green, the mountains and much more are always there to make you remember that Edinburgh is not just another European capital. And…if you think that London is just too crowded for you, than probably this is the city for you. Of course there are plenty of people there but they don’t make you feel like choking, if you know what I mean.

So….must do(s) in Edinburgh? The Edinburgh castle, the old town and if possible a tour. There’s always loads of stuff to learn! (By the way, Rebecca you rule! She was te girl who guided us through the Edinburgh vaults. Oh, and she told us plenty of horror stories 2).

Well well, but Edinburgh is not Scotland so we decided to go in a tour across the countryside: Alnwick (where Harry Potter was shot), Bamburgh castle, Kelso and Scott’s view. Sometimes I think that it’s much more interisting to visit the countryside than the actual capital of a country. Again, the tour guide was awesome, always telling plenty of jokes and plenty of stories about Scotland, the borders, the war between Scotland and England and of course, William Wallace.

And this was it! The truth is that sometimes you can’t tell if you’re in England, Scotland or Ireland because everything seems way too similar but there’s something in Scotland that I really enjoyed (I’m not quite sure what yet). Once again, totally worth it! One advice: Be prepared for the terrible (but funny) scottish accent! During the ghosts and ghouls tour I heard somebody shouting ‘TÓRTARIM!’ (you have to force the ‘R’s)…meaning torture him. lol 😛 Enjoy the pics!

P.S – Oh and by the way, Bamburgh and Alnwick are in England, not Scotland. So yes, I crossed the border…and no, I still don’t know why the hell we went on a tour half in Scotland half in England.

Pictures (from top to bottom): Edinburgh (bird’s view!); highland cow (fancy wig honey!); Alnwick Castle; Bamburgh Castle; Haggis ( ** out of ***** – it’s lungs, heart and liver…everything mixed. no, i wasn’t aware of this when I ate it); bridge next to Alnwick Castle; attempt to vintage photography (lol) and William Wallace statue. See more