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Chapter 1. Peter and the stick

This was geocaching on it’s best! No, we didn’t find a lot of caches but we did find a lot of torture indeed! Up and down the Sintra Mountain (the english think it’s a mountain, I don’t care!) like maniacs looking for something we are not sure what yet.

Anyway, it was a lovely day in which we found out a whole lot of things about eachother. For example, we found P. has much more power when he holds a stick! He would enter caves, climb mountains and dive into dirty lakes…all in the name of geocaching! E esta hein? If only G. had seen this! I also found out that V. addiction to geocaching is a lie. Yes, indeed. She doesn’t want to find things, she wants to roll down the mountain! Six feet under mud! As to myself, the only thing I care about is old houses and Remax. Finally, Hugo has a GPS connected to a fucking broken satellite, which makes you turn left when you’re supposed to turn right!

Oh well, well…it was great!! And yes, we missed you G.! I wish you were there with your high heels climbing the trees for nuts. Maybe next time we can all go to the Fallen Valley and do some geocaching.

Pictures (from top to bottom): Peter and the stick; Snack at Periquita

P.S – it’s a paularoid!