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Oileáin Árann, Inishmaan

In English, Aran Islands, Inishmore

As I think in this place I realize that I miss it. I miss the wind, the solitude it provided me, the power, the freshness, the beauty, the nature. It’s amazing how we all live in big cities and don’t even realize that Paradise exists somewhere out there. It’s hard to picture it with all the smoke on the streets, the drunks and the whores under my window, the nonstop work someone puts on our shoulders. We are all too busy to believe in Paradise. But there is hope and Paradise do exist. For some it is in South America, for others maybe in Mars or maybe right inside your place (laying on the couch drinking coke and watching ‘Oprah’) but for me it’s in a small Island called Inishmore. There aren’t many words to write about the Islands. Probably many people say this about lots of places in the world, but as I have already been in a few paradises, I think I am in the position to say that this is The Paradise. 🙂 I’ll visit it again, sometime. Definitely!

Pictures (from top to bottom): Ferry from Galway to Inishmore; my B&B; me;  Dún Aengus (100 metre high cliff); random picture; Inishmore graveyard (right next to the beach 😛 lucky bastards!)