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On Middle Earth and Narnia

Geek stuff time!

So, who doesn’t like J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S.Lewis? Everybody does! or almost… (sorry V., I know you hate it!). I’m a huge fan (and so is G.) and we’ve decided to go there long time ago but for some reason we never had the chance to visit Oxford, the city where magnificent books were written.

Until this week.

We were very excited to see the pub, The Eagle and Child, where the two authors discussed their works. Gosh…How I wish to have been there to see them talking about hobbits and Aslan and, eventually, ending up in a huge fight. (Yes, geek stuff – there was some rivalry between the two). The pub looks great and you can almost imagine the inklings there by the fire 😛

Tolkien’s grave is also a cool place to visit although it is just a grave lol

Unfortunately we didn’t had the chance to visit neither Tolkien’s house nor Lewis’. Another time, who knows?

As to the city itself…well, it’s just beautiful and you know…you never quite get fed up of it ’cause it’s filled with geek memorabilia, including the Christ Church, which is lovely, where Harry Potter and The Golden Compass were shot.

Pictures (from top to bottom): 1) The Eagle and Child, inside the rabbit room (where the inklings met), 2) Tolkien’s grave (can you see there written Luthien and Béren? So romantic…, 3) the Hall of Christ Church 4) the garden still inside Christ Church and 5) the first round library in the world. See more.