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New York never sleeps, and neither do I

It may seem that  I was asleep for all this time. Some have tried to shame me ‘Why oh why do you let your blog die?’. The thing is, this blog went through a numbness phase (for quite some time, true), but it wasn’t asleep and it certainly wasn’t dead. So here am I, doing mouth to mouth to Summer Pages.

Yes, I did go to New York city and thankfully the plane didn’t crash and I wasn’t kidnapped. And I wasn’t arrested in there either, just in case you were wondering what happened to me! I am sorry for a post with (almost!) a year delay, but here it goes!

Oh, the smell of New York City! Fresh concrete and filthy smoke coming from the ground! Hmmmmm, invigorating! I’ll go straight to the downs of NY. Here they are:

  • The city smells horribly (unless you walk past by the Body Shop, Magnolia Bakery or a Perfume Shop)
  • The concrete and the tall buildings gives you a somewhat claustrophobic feeling
  • The subway could be re-invented as the New York Dungeon tour
  • Brooklyn for all the drunkards, cheap wig wearing women, gangsta like dudes and indecipherable accents
  • Did I mention the smell yet?
  • The overpriced good restaurants
  • The shops that attract you and your money like magnets

Apart from this, it is truly great. I got there and quickly realised NY is exactly the way it is portrayed in the movies. Huge crowds, a huge melting pot and a mix of really nice people and really horrible nasty ones. But all in all, a great city. Try to do as much as you can but be warned; get some really really really nice feet massager ’cause you’ll certainly need it at the end of each day! We got to a point where we just had to stay at the hotel trying to recover from all the blisters we got on our feet. So, as an advice, save up for taxis ’cause it is totally worth it.

Either way, try to visit as much as possible but don’t waste your time on things you think you are supposed to do when you don’t really feel like doing them. With this, I mean museums, museums, museums. Sure, if you’re really into art go for it…but to be honest, I’m not (shame on me). Either way, I decided to visit most of the museums which obviously ended up as total boredom. So, if you’re like me, spear yourself and go do something else more interesting (like shopping in Sabon! – the galaxy of bubble baths & CIA).

Try to avoid the touristic restaurants as much as possible. They’re a total rip off and not worth a cent. If you’re looking for good food I can drop you a few advices here but I advise you to buy Time Out or some similar magazine. Either way, careful with the supposed * * * * * restaurants advertised in certain magazines. Be picky for you benefit. I’m sure theres many more winners but here’s the (my) winners for food lovers:

  • Magnolia Bakery – serving the best cupcakes in the world (one of the bakeries is located at a walking distance from Carry Bradshaw’s fictional apartment
  • Dylan Prime – serving the best steaks I’ve ever eaten (a bit expensive, 30$ up for each steak)
  • Buddakan – the famous asian fusion restaurant featured in Sex and the City movie (a bit expensive, 30$ up for each person)
  • Burger Joint – hidden behind the reception desk of a **** hotel (totally twilight zone!), it serves The best burgers in the world.

Needless to say, visit Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Bloomingdales (for a total madness shopping spree), Brooklyn Bridge (or cross it from one island to the other if you’re totally masochistic, as I was), Chinatown (for really good and authentic chinese cuisine), Little Italy (for not as authentic Italian food), Soho, etc. And, if you really want to know what NY is really about, act like a total New Yorker and do the most New Yorker thing you can ever do: headphones on, travelling cappuccino on one hand and off you go.

Let me just say, do not visit the Empire State Building, or if you do, make sure you take a few magazines, ipod, peanuts and maybe some camping chair with you. I queued for nearly 3 horas in what seemed to be the longest queue in the world. You  literally couldn’t see its end.

There’s not much more I can say about this wonderful city, mainly because I already forgot some things, but try to have as much fun as you can, whether you go on your own or with friends. I know some lonely travellers (or shy travellers) often stop themselves from doing things they really want to do because they have no one to keep them company, but try to avoid this as much as possible. It’s NYC for fuck sake! There’s a lot to do, the city screams life (and death, especially if you’re talking about plants or grass) and you’ll never know what might happen! I’ll leave you with something that happened to me during my stay there.

I went to NY with my beloved friend G. who simply could not walk any longer due to the horrific (and disgusting) blisters on her feet (can’t blame her really! That’s what Manolos do to you) so I thought this shouldn’t mean I wouldn’t be able to have fun. This might come across as me being a bad friend (which I’m not!) but I waited for her to go to bed so I could go out partying (see? I waited for her to go to bed!) on my own. Yes, I did think that I would look stupid, on my own, standing in a bar (how sad) but since I was in NYC I should force myself to go out and put the theory to the test. Every time you see a movie set in NY you always see people being approached by random others for either to get laid or just for a nice conversation. I always thought this would be an exaggeration of what NY really is and I always thought ‘Humpf! As if that happened in real life!’. So I thought I had the perfect opportunity and excuse to go out and test my theory. Thing is, my night out proved me wrong. I stood in the bar for 15 minutes (I am not exaggerating) and all of a sudden I was surrounded by people. I ended the night with five new facebook friends, a new hang over and a new debt on my credit card! 😀 The debt part is not a good part but the rest made my visit to NY one of the best experiences of my life: going out on my own and feel good about being alone.

So guys, shake the embarrassment off and do whatever you have to do to have fun (well, not all!). And if you prove me wrong, let me know, I will pay you for drinks for having stood in a bar looking stupid.

Travel much,


Here’s some pictures I took while I was there. Be warned that these are copyrighted and that I WILL chop your balls (or something else) off if you steal them.  However if you want to use them on another website or blog drop me a message.