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Haworth, a beautiful village.

Didn’t have much time to visit the whole town but of what I saw it seemed pretty cool. Small, but cool. Pretty much like Óbidos, but uglier lol Nothing’s like our old villages… Anyway, it’s worth the time and the money to get there. The Bronte’s (I’m sorry I can’t put the two dots above the E) house is absolutely amazing, you have full access to the house, with the original beds, frying pans, sheets, books, and everything else you can imagine. As I didn’t know them (the Bronte sisters) I decided to buy the ‘Withering Heights’ by Emily Bronte in the museum shop. I actually started to read it, but it’s just way to much for me. Still interesting though!

I also had a Yorkshire Pudding for the first time. Does it look yummy? Well, it kinda sucks… Maybe I give the English another chance sometime.

Enjoy the pictures!


Pictures (from top to bottom): Haworth Church (according to the legend, the Bronte’s father used to fire a shotgun from his bedroom to the Church wall every morning – you can still actually see the wholes on it); Main Street; Yorkshire Pudding, Some shop; Bronte’s house and graveyard (over 20.000 people are burried there).