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Summer post on Winter pages

This is not exactly a post about a trip; well, it is if you think this is a trip down the rabbit hole 🙂

I had post today and I thought it would be another letter offering some stupid services like the one I received yesterday: someone offering me a free kitchen ‘- – But it was not! It was a copy of The Cannon’s Mouth, a poetry magazine publishing since 1983. No big deal about this. The thing is, there were three poems of mine there! (you can see them in my other blog 🙂 Yes, I’m extremely happy! I know I’m no Shakespeare but it’s still a milestone in my pseudo career as a poet 😛 lol

Oh well…it was the first time I was published and I have to celebrate 🙂

Many thanks to my friend V. who keep saying ‘Send those fucking poems to a magazine you idiot!’. Thank you dear. 😉

P.S – the poems are: ‘white mask and a red rose’, ‘what if’ and ‘Little lamb had a dream’.