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I mean, how can someone get bored in Barcelona?

Sure, you have all the hot clubs/restaurants you can imagine but even if you don’t! You’ll never get bored. Just do what I do: grab a Caramel Machiatto at Starbucks and seat somewhere watching people passing by! It’s great fun 😀 The city is more than alive! It screams life from the top of its lungs and there’s always something happening, somewhere.

The wonderful ‘Ramblas’ are a complete frenzy of people, shouting and laughter. It’s just great. And of course, the beach. Nothing better than spending some quality time by the sea so please make sure you do that!! 🙂

Things to avoid? Bad restaurants and bad ‘paelhas’. I mean, I had the most disappointing ‘paelha’ you can imagine. 😦

Another thing to avoid? Trying to understand Catalan. Bear in mind that Catalan is NOT regular Spanish!

Must do’s? DO visit the ‘Ramblas’ and please DO visit the market located in the lower part of the ‘Ramblas’. God, that market is the seafood/fruit/vegetables/meat paradise! It has absolutely everything and everything looks yummy yummy yummy!! Do visit the Gothic neighborhood too!

Another must do? Well, (they should pay me for saying this) if you can, have lunch/dinner at Ciudad Comdal, a restaurant located near Plaza Cataluña. Heaven!

Finally, do visit the Casa Batlló (from the famous architect – Gaudí).

What else… Well, it’s just that really! Yes, go have fun. Go clubbing, have some dinner out. I’m sure you’ll have great fun doing those things but hey!! biggest lesson? If you don’t have the funds to do that stuff it’s okkkkkkk…Barcelona is always fun…no matter what the heck you are doing! I mean, Really!!

Oh, and yes, it IS a bit overrated lol






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