Madrid & Toledo

I simply do not remember when I went to Madrid. It’s been some months and I have been having so much work to do that I completely forgot to update my blog. But hey! Here’s my last entry on my vacations diary!! 🙂

Without wanting to sound posh, I really didn’t see anything special about Madrid, or Toledo for that matter. I’ve been in several places in Spain, but these two places are just plain boring. ORRR maybe I am biased. I mean, I’ve been visiting European cities for quite some time now and in my opinion, there’s a point when you start to find every single place the same. London looks like Paris and Paris looks like Lisbon. It’s boring!

Either way, the food is great in Spain, of course (you have to know THE restaurants though) and the culture is fascinating. Similiar to the portuguese one, that’s why I like it!

One advice only for those who are travelling to Spain. Watch out the cars because they will ran over you! Do not drive there because you will most defenitly crash! Do not expect politeness from most Spanish people (excepctions, surely!)

Although I haven’t went to a bull fight in Spain, don’t miss it! You should go and appreciate people’s cruelty!!! Boooooo.

What else? Oh, yes, good weather! Not in Madrid though, it’s damn cold in the winter!!

As to Toledo (which has been ruled by the spanish since 1085), it is an old old town. Nice and cozy with loads of tiny shops in. Toledo is a MUST go for the medieval and Lord of the Rings lovers, since you can buy all kinds of swords and merchandise replicas there!! 😀

Remember that during siesta time the village becomes zombie village. No living soul can be spotted and you will have to wait for the siesta to end to continue your shopping. Major pain in the ass, I know!

It’s all for now…and let me tell you that since I’m pretty much fed up of Europe my last stop will be: New York City in June! 😀 Hooray for that!!

See you another time!


Royal Palace/Palacio Real


Can’t remember this, Sorry!!!! 😀


The Crystal Palace, in El Retiro (a pseudo version of Central Park)


Random street in Toledo

See more pictures



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