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Back to Kansas

Finally, at home.

Not much has been happening, besides saving the world from the Necris (p.j), but I did something interesting today. I took my pijama off (oh thank god), and I went to Sobralinho (can this get any worse?) to watch the fantastic play The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. The play was developed by Inestética, a theatre company from Vila Franca de Xira (I’m having an overdose of horrible portuguese names), where I live, or used to. Anyway, it’s 100% worth the money. It’s absolutely astonishing and every single adjective you can find to say good things about something. The actors, some of them from some bad and cheap soap operas, amazed me with their overwhelming performance. Too bad tomorrow is the last day of the play. I hope there’s much more to come from Inestética. Keep up the good work!

As for the rest of my holidays, who knows what might happen! You never know if there is some bad guy ready to fire a Rocket Launcher in your head!


Worcester (you read it Uõsta, don’t ask me why)

Hi guys!

Free trip with the university and therefore, you can’t expect much! I and Hugo managed to turn something awful into something quite pleasant! In the pictures, of course. Anyway, just a city like all the others you can find in United Kingdom. Although it didn’t worth the time to get there, getting out of Coventry is always a breath of fresh air! Feels nice to walk away for a few hours. And that’s what we did! Actually, we had 5 hours to visit the city but we spent 2 eating in an Oriental buffet for just 5£ 🙂 We refilled and refilled! Oh, and we refilled!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Pictures (top to bottom)

Worcester Cathedral; house falling appart; river & swans; Cathedral; the gang (G, Alle, Aleka, Hugo).

Blenheim Palace – A.K.A: Wow!

Is this amazing or what?

I wish I could say we have something similar in Portugal but we don’t! This place is absolutely astonishing…the 1001 gardens, the maze, the lake and the cascade… If you’re sick and tired of being at home and if you don’t know what to do on a Saturday afternoon buy yourself a ticket to the Blenheim Palace in the beautiful village of Woodstock, Oxford Shire! Although it costs about 50£ without the student ID… :O

A little bit of history: home to 11th Duke of Marlborough and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill! Ok, this is it…I really don’t want you to get bored! This is everything you have to know about it!

Enjoy the pictures!

Last picture: G (the spanish guy)

Port Route

With an approximate population of 410,950, and urban area of 550,200, Bristol is England’s sixth, and the United Kingdom’s ninth most populous city, one of England’s core cities and the most populous city in South West England. It received a royal charter in 1155 and was granted county status in 1373. For half a millennium it was the second or third largest English city, until the rapid rise of Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester in the Industrial Revolution in the later part of the 18th century.Bristol is one of the centres of culture, employment and education in the region. From its earliest days, its prosperity has been linked to that of the Port of Bristol, the commercial port, which was in the city centre but has now moved to the Severn estuary coast at Avonmouth and Portbury. (in Wikipedia)

In early days, the Port of Bristol was also paramount to the distribution of Port wine in United Kingdom.

Pictures (from top to bottom)

Llandoger Trow; Downtown Bristol; Port; The Nails in Corn Street (this explains the English saying  ‘Paying on the Nail’ – it means that at that time if you wanted to buy something you had to put your money on the nail right away)


Definitly my favourite spot in Portugal, if not the only one. I already have so many memories in that place that I can’t even remember them all. In a nutshell, there’s no better place than this to take a walk in the sun or in the rain, drink a cup of tea and be with your friends. If you are a fan of Satan or witchcraft, this is the place for you too!! 😛

Pictures (from top to bottom)

Quinta da Regaleira; Masonry Well; Palácio da Pena; Vila de Sintra

The Resurrection of The Phoenix

Coventry is known by many as the Phoenix city. Why? It dates back to 1043 and ever since, the city always managed to escape poverty and economic depression.  In the second world war, it was the most bombed city in England. Everything was destroyed but once again, it managed to raise from the ashes. Today the story is not different. With Birmingham just ten minutes away, Coventry faces again a huge threat. The economy is going down just because nobody shops here anymore. Will Coventry raise from the ashes once again? Indeed. Coventry City Council already announced the construction of a shopping center bigger than the Bullring in Birmingham and a brand new Hospital.

I am sorry about the history lecture! But, I wanted you to understand how Coventry history means so much to me. I know this might seem silly or childish but the truth is that this is the city where I resurrected too. It wasn’t that bad back in Portugal, but in some way I was dying, as time went by, and somehow I felt alive again. Here. Coventry is not the city it once was, imponent, huge and powerfull. What matters is that this was the town where I started to build my future.

Pictures (from top to bottom)

a squirrel in the park; Coventry Cathedral; random plaques; Coventry Transport Museum.

Welcome to Hell!

Hellfest 2007 – 01 – 07

Destination: Clisson (North of France).

24h on a bus to get to the biggest heavy metal festival in France. We had a longgggggggg way to go! Did I mentioned that I won’t be doing this again in the next 100 years? Ok, just to clear that up 🙂

But of iron our body is made, and we got there! We had Clisson to visit, and of course, three days of pure head banging! The mud, the loud music, the drunk guys, the camping, not having bath for 5 days made me feel quite literally in Hell (how ironic the festival name) but I can guarantee you that it was an experience of a lifetime!

Enjoy the pictures my friends. They talk for themselves!

Pictures (from top to bottom)

Hellfest entrance; mud; mud; Epica (Simone Simons); MUD!; After Forever (Floor Jansen); Clisson’s Castle